What am I doing wrong when I set up SMB or FTP automount for /etc/fstab?

So I’ve had a NAS running OpenMediaVault serving on both SMB and FTP.

I’ve been able to get SMB set up on /etc/fstab in the past while I was on Gnome3. Now that I’ve migrated to KDE and some time has passed, though, I can’t get either to automount. FTP will prevent booting entirely, although I can get in after boot if I comment out the line for it in /etc/fstab, boot, uncomment it, and run mount -a.

SMB will boot, but won’t mount. If I try to add a noauto flag, when I launch Dolphin it will repeatedly ask for credentials until I click “cancel,” at which point I’m not allowed into the server.

What should I try? What do you need?

The mount happens before the network is connected, hence is failing … Just a guess.
My suggestion is to mount them after the session started, hence remove those entries from fstab and use this

So I tried following the guides you listed, and while it works perfectly for getting the shares to mount, I’m getting “Permission denied” errors on trying to access it, even as root and the no_squash_root option on my server. What do I need to fix?

EDIT: I tried it with FTP, and it works great. The problem is I’d just like to have NFS! But my initial problem is solved, so I’m going to mark this as solved. Thanks!

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