What about stable security updates?

I am new to Manjaro, I always read that critical security holes are quickly fixed with an update. It is also pointed out a lot in the forum.

Since almost a month there is no stable update, except now and then inxi and firefox (and other small packages, but I forgot). With it also no security updates come in.

Here after a week on demand an update was carried out.

A critical kernel gap has been open for weeks.

All other distributions have quickly applied the updates. Not everything has to be updated, but only the affected packages. But nothing happens here.

Do I understand it wrong? As written I am new here and am a bit confused, I have used Ubuntu and Debian before, there were such security updates. I see it even now in Ubuntu VMs that I use.

critical security updates are usually escalated into the stable branch. rest of the updates (deemed non-critical by manjaro) are made available in “stable” only after being further tested in unstable → testing branches.

the whole reason that updates only trickle into stable branch, is in software development/maintenance stability and bleeding-edge updates sit at opposite ends software release cycles.


Most of those updates are security updates. But maybe the packages you have installed haven’t required any such updates yet. I certainly have been getting updates here, almost every day.

zlib was updated a few days ago. Granted, I haven’t seen any kernel updates in a while, but I’m still running the 5.4 LTS kernel here.


As a non-techie user of Manjaro for the last 9 years, I run my business on it successfully with no problems. I’m confident you will find the manner in which updates travel through unstable>testing>stable, to be satisfactory. Important security updates will be fed through more quickly but as a rule, Manjaro is about providing a stable system to end-users. Go well meantime…