What about natively substitute a cat with a bat?

Just like the title says.

Just found this project, and it seems so much more interesting than the old cat command.

Does anyone see a reason it might be a bad idea?

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

bat (currently at version 0.17.1-1) is already available from the Community repository. Replacing cat by it would however not be a good idea, because cat is part of the GNU coreutils and is an essential utility with regard to UNIX/POSIX compatibility. :wink:

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Thank you for the welcome!

Actually I am quite an old user of Manjaro. But my old account on this forum seems to have been deleted ‘-’…

About the substitution: Yeah I can imagine how it could mess with a lot of things. I just wonder at what point in time there will be an initiative to replace those older tools with newer and safer ones written in Rust.

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alias cat=bat


Or even better with bat-extras AUR

alias cat=prettybat
alias rg='batgrep --color=auto'
alias man=batman
alias watch='batwatch --color=auto'
alias diff='batdiff --color=auto'

The old forum has suffered a crash last year. We had to start all over again from scratch. :arrow_down:

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