What a proper way to get libffi.so.6?

I cant build tauri because it cant find the libffi.so.6 Could not find dependency: libffi.so.6.
I tried to look on lib64 I only found libffi.so.8.

How I can get libffi.so.6? or i just need to syslink libffi.so to libffi.so.6?

Can’t find any package named ‘tauri’. Be exact with names or add more information how you try to build it, from where, etc.

Well, you can’t. Unless you turn back time.

You can try that (no you can’t), but why not just ask upstream devs to update their program instead?

EDIT: Ah, lucky for you - as @megavolt said - you have libffi6 in aur.

You can downgrade it

sudo downgrade libffi

or build&install libffi.so.6 from the AUR.

pamac build libffi6

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