Welcome and introduce yourself - 2023

I started using Manjaro when it became impossible to keep Kubuntu/Ubuntu running due to Nvidia shim/header complications. Manjaro is working, even after the 1.7g update, it matched the kernel and nvidia proprietary driver perfectly. Hello everyone, thank you volunteers, including Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Nvidia.


Hi everyone!
I’ve been using Manjrao for a few weeks. I was using it around 2017 but being a big video game player it was complicated to stay exclusively on Linux at the time.
Happy to be back and positively shocked to see the installation of Manjaro so simple today (especially the nvidia drivers which scared me)
Sorry if my English is not perfect, it’s not my default config :nerd_face:


I am Vincenzo from Monza and a i started to use Manjaro kde in a dual boot with Windows one year ago and i love it.

Hello, I use Manjaro-KDE By the Way.

on USB drive.

Hello! Happy new year all. Love the forum. Im dedicated Linux user, and a programmer. Im developing projects and my host. I also interested in hardware and net. Im so into tech

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I started with LFS when Knuth’s TeX became availble on linux. So, as TeX developed and tools for using Tex on linux developed so did my linux usage. First was LFS, then RedHat, Ubuntu, and firnally Arch which morphed into Manjaro quickly. TeXStudio and Manjaro are my day-to-day workhorses. And, I have drunk the cinnamon koolaid! Anyway, as Charles it is good to be here.

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Hello all!!

I’m To Be Of Service, TBOS for short, from Western NC. Don’t know how much I’ll actually be able to help out, but it’s the idea.

Been using Linux for about 3.5 years. Was using Ubuntu when I first switched from Windows and then went to Debian until having the latest software updates became a necessity. Was overwhelmed by Arch and so here I am.

It’s been maybe 2.5 years since switching to Manjaro and I’m pretty darn happy with it. Looking forward to learning and growing as a Manjaro user and helping out the community that’s been so helpful to me.

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Hey, guys! //

It’s almost New Year tho, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! //

I’m a Linux Manjaro user for 1 year already, so I’m pretty new here. //
I really enjoy using Linux with all this nerdy stuff and fixing problems with a ton of wiki pages and forum questions, it seems pretty interesting for me. //
Also, I’m a pretty young guy that is 15 years old, ha-ha! //
I’ll ask sum questions here when I can’t solve my problem with wiki and forums. //

Thank you for reading and have a great day! //


Hello community, I am Uwe from Germany. No longer new to Linux, but still a beginner (or not). I recently made a trip to openSUSE TW, before that I had been using Manjaro for about 6 years, later Antergos / EndeavourOS. Now I’ve ended up here again.


Hello there! In this year i started to jump into the linux desktop for my daily use. I hopped in a lot of distros and ended up in manjaro because it was compatible with my hardware(something that even mint wasn’t somehow) , and could still enjoy the arch enviroment without too much knowledge.


Hi everybody, I’m Luz and I used Linux throughout my college days. I don’t have enough knowledge about Manjaro, but I hope this forum helps me gain more insights. Thank you!


Hi all i’m Davide, i’m from Italy and i’m 30 yrs old and i’m a junior dev.

I started my journey in linux long time ago with the classic newbie ubuntu distro, in the last year i’ve been distrohopping a lot and now i’m here with the manjaro os since 1 month already. I see me as a intermedium user of linux in general and a complete noob on manjaro.

I hope i’ll learn as much as i can navigating trough the topics of this forum.


Hello World,

I’m Datal0g or Data or Patrick and I’m from Austria. Currently running a Win11/Manjaro-dual boot with the plan to slowly eliminate Win11. Progress is okay up until now - just have to get rid of two/three smaller issues.

Overall - I’m not completely new to Linux. Have some experience with legacy Mint and Ubuntu/Kubuntu-installations.

Have a great day!


See Printing - Manjaro

Do you mean: Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe v2 - ArchWiki

And please open a separate thread for each problem you request help with.

@Mirdarthos @soundofthunder Thanks for your replies.

My plan was to create separate topics for the issues once I’m giving up trying to solve them on my own. :slight_smile: Nevertheless - if you want me to delete them, that’s fine with me.


No worries, but there you have enough info anyway…

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I’m Ron, a cloud engineer in the US with over 30 yrs of IT experience, 20 of those with linux. Having run virtually every distro family over the years, I just installed Manjaro today. Wow. Works as advertised, living up to the rep. Definitely liking it. It is one thing to make your living with linux, but the desktop too often ends up being a trail of tears eventually. This one is pretty tightly integrated.

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Hello whirled! (not very original?) Glad to be taut more … or should that be more taught? Ah well will soon find out … Been using Manjaro very successfully as I transition to GNU software as much as I can. Just been checking out partner hardware. I welcome instructive HELP! I try to be constructive and uncritical. Glad to be hear … Eh here :lobster:

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My name is Daniel; I just came to Manjaro. I’ve only played around with Linux for about two years, maybe? I only had experience with a few different distros, and they’ve all been Debian-based, so the Arch base is a little different. Unfortunately, all the Debian distros I’ve used have had one or two issues that were too much of an annoyance for me to deal with, so I hope I can find a home here for now.



I started using Manjaro in September and have been lurking here in the forums since then. I was looking for a rolling release and didn’t want all the setup complexity that Arch Linux would entail. I’ve been happily surprised with Manjaro and Xfce. After setting up xterm, importing my vim configs and installing some backup scripts, everything has been smooth sailing. I was delighted when I found that Xfce allows a sort of pseudo-tiling desktop.

I don’t have all the wrinkles worked out: I still have to install some form of audio compression to tame audio level playback and I have yet to reconcile with systemd. As a curmudgeon, I need something to complain about.

I suppose I’m somewhat eccentric. I find Perl is more fun to use over Python or bash for scripting and certainly easier to remember than awk. I still find sed useful and can even dredge up from my memory’s abysses how to use ed.

I hope you’ll be hearing more from me as I find where I can contribute to the Manjaro community.