Welcome and introduce yourself - 2023

Retired software and standards engineer.

Using Manjaro Linux root on zfs, booted via zfs boot menu.
Evaluating its stability for my daily tasks as a possible replacement of debian 12.

Thank you to the community for this project!


Hello beautiful Manjaro people. I’m back as always I started down the rabbit hole known as distro hopping. But Manjaro has a special place in my heart and I just had to come back. Thanks so much :pray::pray: for this beautiful distro.

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I started using Manjaro when it became impossible to keep Kubuntu/Ubuntu running due to Nvidia shim/header complications. Manjaro is working, even after the 1.7g update, it matched the kernel and nvidia proprietary driver perfectly. Hello everyone, thank you volunteers, including Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Nvidia.


Hi everyone!
I’ve been using Manjrao for a few weeks. I was using it around 2017 but being a big video game player it was complicated to stay exclusively on Linux at the time.
Happy to be back and positively shocked to see the installation of Manjaro so simple today (especially the nvidia drivers which scared me)
Sorry if my English is not perfect, it’s not my default config :nerd_face:

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I am Vincenzo from Monza and a i started to use Manjaro kde in a dual boot with Windows one year ago and i love it.

Hello, I use Manjaro-KDE By the Way.

on USB drive.