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I am looking back to an IT career of roundabout 50 years, mainly at very large enterprises in very different areas. That inspires me to the statement I know nothing about everything … At the beginning of my career I was used to unix like systems, was then forced to MS based office environments. Having ended my professional career a while ago gave me time again to play around wit linux based systems (Ubuntu, Mint, Raspian, …). Now Manjaro seems to be the platform I like most :slight_smile: But it gave me a hard time to get it properly installed at my Acer laptops (it took weeks of research and try and error cycles). I finally stumbled upon a posting of a guy, who described exactly the same issues, I was facing and he hinted to a Acer specific description, which finally led to success. I joined this forum to give a little bit back of the tremendous support, I found in a huge number of platforms like this and share my experience to help hopefully other people, who might face the same issues as I.
Harald (a German)


well you like it the hard way :laughing:

yeah, but it gives an extremely good feeling after one finally succeeded :grin:
Where’s the best place to drop a description, on how to install Manjaro on Acer HW? Main issue was that the hint Disable Secure Boot leads to the wrong direction in that case …

check the main page of the forum and search for HowTo. you can create your HowTo and share it.

will do … thanks! :+1:

Welcome, and thanks for your willingness to share!

Just keep this :point_down: in mind when making the HowTo:

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I’d like to add some key words after the ranking - any suggestions?

Nope. None from me. And I don’t think you need to worry about that king of thing.

Hi Mirdarthos,
I’d like to post some Acer specific additions to install dual boot - basically extending:

I tried to open up a new tutorial (red +), but that did not work - any suggestions, where to post my stuff? (you may check contents, if you like …)

You should be able to add a comment with the specifics for your Acer hw.

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Hi. I’m Radoslav from Bulgaria.
I started using Linux in 2015 with Mint but in 2019 I moved to Arch bc I got sick of the constantly breaking packages for no reason of Mint, not to mention that anything Debian-based needs a library enema to make it run even a native linux game, let alone a game for Windows.
In the past 7 years I had dual boot with Windows but last month I got enough of Micro$hit’s crap (not having any rights on my own computer) and kicked Windows out of my computer forever. Now I have two installations of Arch - one with Cinnamon and one with KDE which is only meant to play ETS2 bc for some reason flipping doesn’t always work in Cinnamon and you can’t have a decent gameplay of ETS2 without flipping. But flipping does work in KDE, so I installed an Arch with KDE in the partition where Windows used to be.

I tried Manjaro twice (the plan was to have an Arch alternative just in case) and both times it broke my disk’s MBR, so for the time being I’ll restrain myself from using it, until that problem is fixed (if ever).

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Welcome y’all,

My name is Tymoteusz Damian Rutkowski known online as DerekTDR.
I am from III Republic of Poland :poland:
I’ve been using Manjaro i3 Community Edition for quite a few months in VM and I’ve got laptop a few days ago, so I installed it there.
My first Linux system I used was Debian when I was 6 years old (2010). I also used openSUSE, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, KDE Neon, Deepin, Fedora, elementaryOS and so on. But my first ever OS was Windows XP. I’m glad that my dad taught me about Linux systems.

If someone ask what my avatar represents, it’s just a flag of the Polish Underground State.

Hi there, just installed Manjaro. Very elegant and easy process. I started with Ubuntu from 15, about a decade later I distro-hopped to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed for a bit, then Debian, then Arch. I decided to try Manjaro and so far things are basically great! Lovely distro!

What to say?

My name is Tracy.

I started using Linux in 2000, with KDE on Mandrake Linux.

I started working with Computers in the Mid 80s, as a programmer.

I’ve been using various Gnome on Debian/Ubuntu flavours since around 2008 2010, because I was very disappointed with the performance of my computers running KDE with the so called Semantic Desktop.

I installed Manjaro KDE 3 days ago after an 11 hour upgrade of Linux Mint Cinnamon to 21 left me with a somewhat broken desktop.

I suppose there’s lots more thing I can say, but it says keep it short.


Hello All,

My handle on the net is typically DangerousThing. I’m 64 years old and have been a computer programmer for a great deal of that time.

I’ve only used Manjaro for a couple weeks. Before I used Ubuntu on my home machines. Except for one laptop that I allow to run Windows.

I like making robots and electronic stuff.


Hello, my name is Dven. I use Manjaro Xfce4. Nice to be part off this forum. Hope to learn and contribute.

Thanks All

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Hi guys and gals. Joe here, Love Manjaro, installed a virtual machine to test it out. Looks like the most polished of Arch type distros I’ve seen. Been a Windows user my whole life but started loving Linux recently.

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Hi !
I’m Jules, 20 years old from France. Started with Xubuntu in 2010, I’ve tried quite a few distros but I’ve always used Ubuntu or some kind of Debian/Ubuntu based distro as my main OS. Recently I wanted to try something different, as Ubuntu became quite unstable and unreliable on my PC. So I’ve decided to give Manjaro a shot, I’m loving it so far !
I’ve choosed the Gnome version as the KDE one was not playing well with my old Nvidia card.
I think I’ve found my new distro of choice !

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Hi, Bastian here. I have been using Ubuntu and CentOS for many years, mostly Python, Fortran in the context of fluid dynamics on HPC.
I was very excited about switching to Manjaro, but having all sorts of issues with the installation of some basic software (GCC, spack packages, easybuild modules) makes me want to switch back to a more conservative repository right now.

I do appreciate all the effort in helping me out, but maybe Manjaro just isn’t the right repository for productivity.

Hi, Keith here.
Have been using Mint for a while, but been having problems installing newer versions on a DELL Workstation. Recently tried Manjaro and similar problems in that I wasn’t able to format my NVME Drive in Ext4. But Manjaro installer gave me the simple option of using BTRFS, and it installed perfectly. I look forward to my learning curve with Manjaro. Am happy enough using the Terminal, but my command knowledge is limited, so might be asking for help occasionally.