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I’m Jesse from Canada.

Long time Windows user, most of my life in fact. I started out with W95/ME/2000 so on. I’ve used up to W10 so far and with the upcoming release of W11 instead of getting that I’d rather TRY to learn about linux. I’ve used Ubuntu and Mint in the past which if I’m not wrong, Mint is based on Ubuntu. And here I am on Manjaro to try it out.

What I’d like to achieve if all else fails and I can’t figure out Linux and ditch Windows as my main OS is to try out other Linux distros BEFORE I go back to Windows.

Today is about my 4th day using Manjaro and it’s a huge learning curve coming from Windows/Ubuntu/Mint.


Hi from France

Running Linux for many years, with distros some few rpm based but the more oftenly apt / deb based, but all fixed one
So i decided to go with a rolling release because i’m too fed up to reinstall each year, and my choice has been for Manjaro, yeah i know PCLos is also a rpm rolling release but it was the occasion to discovering the pacman system and AUR, so why i didn’t choose Arch just because no time to read the faq for hours to install i need a system running for my all day work

I installed yesterday so it’s very new, with the hope Manjaro will be ok for at least four or five years maybe with no catastrophic big update breaking, the peace road and even more…we’ll see

My very first step in Manjaro look quite promising, all work good in LxQt Xfce and IceWm after install



Hi all!

I’ve been using Linux since 2006. I started with Debian and gnome 2, with a lot of difficulties. I remember how I had to search a lot on Google about how to install Adobe Flash Player (deprecated nowadays), or how to install the graphics card drivers… I got used to copy+paste codes in the terminal. I didn’t know anything. Oh, and I didn’t have sound for the fist time, so I had to install alsa libraries.

For 3 or 4 years I had a dual boot in my computer, with Windows XP and Debian. With Debian I discovered the best version of Compiz, so I enjoied it a lot. Then I started to use Ubuntu, where I discovered how some things didn’t require so much configuration to start to use it. That was fine and made me an easier path to get used to free software. This helped me a lot to learn Gimp, Blender, Inkscape and Scribus, and I used them professionally.

I also tried Linux Mint for some time and it was a fun experience with Mate. However, it was not a LTS distro, so after some months the updates started to fail… Then I used Kubuntu, with KDE. Thanks to KDE I discovered Kwin, which is very similar to Compiz, but integrated in the DE, with a lot of interesting functions and very customizable. I loved it. I discovered Krunner tu run applications with a shortcut…

And here is where the interesting thing begins…

With KDE I started to use shortcuts for everything. Shortcuts to run applications (Krunner), to go to the next desktop, to move windows between desktops, to minimize and maximize windows, and very IMPORTANT: to change the layout of the windows (windows tiling). Compiz did it as well with a function and a shortcut. I was in love with KDE, to be honest.

I like programming and all of this years I used some code editors, for example: Code::Blocks, NetBeans, Eclipse… However, when I learned Git I started to use Sublime Text more often, because I could add some interesting shortcuts… And finally I DISCOVERED VIM.

With Vim I learned the Vim-navigation (h, j, k, l). Yeah, it’s awesome! I learned a lot of Vim! Even VimScript! Even I have a repo in Github with +30 stars. And you can use Vim into other programs as well. For example, Vimium for Chromium… Wait… What if I could use Vim-navigation into the DE? Yes! That existed, so I learned i3wm. (I also used dwm sometime with the terminal st). I did a custom configuration for my tmux, my i3wm, my zsh and my vim. About terminals, I used Konsole some years until I switched to rxvt-unicode.

But wait… What if you could use all of this in one distro? Yeah: i3-manjaro!

And why manjaro? Because as a rolling-release makes things easier at some point, and I love discovering the new software functionalities.

Edit. PS: Oh, and of course, I’m using Rofi instead of Krunner. Actually, I use Rofi even to insert unicode characters with a custom script. From anywhere to any software. Linux is awesome.



I’m a complete noob as far as using Linux. But I’ve watched so many YouTube videos (rather listened to it in the background, e. g. when I was cooking) that I finally had to start.
I got curios when a colleague from university told me that using Linux, his Distro was Debian, was much more convenient. And once I heard a about tiling window managers in a YouTube video that I stumbled upon. From that time on I was like, Linux must be cool.
So this year I started that listening-to-Linux-YouTubers-alongside

and once I saw all those posts on r/unixporn, I was hooked!

I wanna rice my distro and become a power user. I looove a good workflow and I always notice when website changes make me make 5+1 clicks instead of 5 clicks as before. (I hate that.)
So Manjara, with KDE Plasma, is my very first Distro to try (how would you call “the very first one”, any phrase for that?) and I hope I will be able to get along with it in my VM.
Lovely greetings from the capital of Germany :wink:


Hello all,

I have been using linux for about 2 years now since first toying around with a raspberry pi. I come from a windows background (20+ years). I heard about Manjaro after trying a few different Debian-based distros, and i really like it. KDE and XFCE seem to be my favorite DEs to use so far. Very happy so far with Manjaro linux as I don’t feel tied down to the mac OS or windows ecosystems, and I can still get my work done. Still have a lot to learn. I am happy I found this forum.


As it has been a month ago since I posted this, we have a guide for that!


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Yo what it do, what it do! I’ve been around for a long time, since before the great forum crash of 2019(?). Just reupping and checking back in!


Hello, folks! Windows refugee here. I’ve been checking out various Ubuntu-based distros since 2010 but they never really clicked for me. Steam Deck’s announcement made me want to look through penguin eyes again. But this time, I wanted to try something different so I went for something Arch-based. I’m going on 2 months now, and I’m happy to say that this is the longest I’ve daily-driven a Linux distro and I just can’t see myself going back to Windows. Especially not Windows 11.


Oh, that’s great!
Unfortunately it would not apply to me. I should have mentioned that I’m a Mac user. Shame on me for not having mentioned that in the beginning.

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Did you read the guide? It applies to everyone moving to Linux…


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HI, I am new to Linux Manjaro KDE. I need help so i thought this would be the best place to look for it.
I like Linux a lot but i have only been using it for the last week. I do have two windows programs i can live with out yet. So i am still using Windows 11 on a dual boot. Once i find a way to use these programs in Linux i will be sending window out a window.


Hi everyone !

I’m new at linux and I quit Windows two weeks ago. I’m happy to use Manjaro and I want to learn about it. I’m running Gnome DE and I like it. I already have some issues that I’d like to solve : maybe a way to learn the basics.

I’m french by the way ; please forgive my grammar if you see some mistakes.
Happy to be here with you all.


Hello forum, I have been poking around Linux now for a little while and have settled on Manjaro as my distro of choice. Still very new , however, Manjaro (Gnome) is my main PC now and it is forcing me to learn more. I am at the point now where I need assistance as I am getting deeper in to how things work and finding I want to switch and try different aspects of Linux and need assistance.


When I started using the computers the memory was around few kilobytes. Years later I happily installed linux in 1992 downloading 44 floppy disks from funet ftp server. I should still have my kernel hacker guide sitting around :slight_smile:
Never been a Windows fan nor Mac one. I tryed many (many) distributions and my current installed ones are Manjaro, Debian, Mint and Lubuntu in various PCs.
PS: I know many high (eg Python used for AI with Keras) and low level languages (eg five different processors machine codes); regarding hardware in the 90s I was directly programming PC hardware, while currently I’m building complete computers (with relays one and with TTL simple ports another)


Hi there. Long time linux user here. Coming from Arch Linux. I heard this community is much nicer :wink:


New to Linux in general and i chose Manjaro was the right option til yet ;D


~Boo~ :ghost:


Thought you’d dropped off the face of the earth. Glad to see you back @cscs :+1::+1:


He’s ba-a-a-a-a-a-ack… :scream:


我第一次使用 “Manjaro” ,希望它比 “windows11” 好用。

Hello everyone! I use “Manjaro” for the first time and hope it is better than “windows11”. I have given up windows! ! !

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