Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

I didn’t knew that i had to use these emoticons. For sure it was a humoristic post and not a rude one :wink: :wink:


Did you mean snap? :wink:

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I don’t believe it!

I am a (not new) user of Manjaro.
However, I am new to this forum.
My name is Klakke, living in the region of Roeselare, West Flanders, Belgium.
Since 2014 already known and user of a ‘Linux-driven operating system’ on 5 devices of which one (laptop) serves as a test machine.
Today installed Manjaro (21.0.7 Xfce) again, fully updated, removed some unnecessary programs and made the operating system to my liking.



Hello everyone,

I’m Al.
I was taken by a bout of madness (maybe?) and installed Manjaro KDE Plasma on my laptop.
I’m a complete newbie so I expect to be asking a lot of (probably) silly questions if searching the depth of the Internet fails me.


As I haven’t posted this in a while in this thread:,

Here is the ultimate N00b guide:



Long-time Windows user, and even a DOS user prior to that (anyone else remember using QEMM386 for memory management and Stacker to compress HD’s?)… I graduated from college in Computer Engineering Technology back when 486 computers were just coming out :wink:

I dabbled with GNU/Linux here and there over the years, but never really dedicated much time to any distro once I found out I wasn’t going to be able to bring my windows games with me. (all work and no play… no way!)

But in early July 2021 I caught Anthony’s (LTT) various video’s on “Linux Gaming” where they mentioned or showed Manjaro and Pop_OS in use and witnessed the huge progress that had been made over the years thanks to tools like wine, SteamPlay/Proton, etc…

Many of the distos I tried like POP_OS, unbuntu, mint didn’t work well for me (some not even as far as their Live environments loading)… I suspect because my hardware (AMD 5600X CPU and 6800XT GPU) was too “bleeding edge” for their older LTS kernels (many @ 5.4 at the time).

The Arch-based distros were a much better experience, I found myself preferring Manjaro KDE (5.10 in 21.0.7) over Garuda (5.12 zen kernel) and have stuck with it since around mid July 2021.

Looking forward to a long term commitment to Manjaro’s GNU/Linux and participating in the communities.


Hello everyone,

I have been distro hopping since 2019 (debian, ubuntu, fedora - love it -, arch, gentoo and of course manjaro).
Has of now manjaro is the one that I prefer (as a desktop) .
I was a big fan of gnome but have recently switch to plasma.

I’m a student from a french engineering school specialized in informatics. English is not my native tongue so feel free to correct me, I’m although to improve it :grinning:.


All fine until here:

I think it should have been ‘…although, I’m trying to improve it.


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Hi guys!

I’m new here, but I’m not new in Manjaro… or am I? haha.

I’ve been a longtime Debian-user, that is what is running right now on this PC, but I’ve been using Arch in my old Laptop (Core2duo MacBook 3,1 (that is, late 2007, :joy:!) for more than a year now. And I have already installed 3 times Manjaro to different people (a friend, a cousin and my girlfriend), for about two years each one!, and no one has complained since, and everything keeps working without issues (that includes 3 or 4 AUR packages each). One of those laptops wasn’t used in a year! (pandemic, because she used that laptop at school (she is a teacher)). Almost 3GB of updates… not a single problem! :exploding_head:. That totally sold it for me, haha.

Appart from having way more packages than my Arch install (even though I always used the minimal .iso and installed what I thought they needed), I don’t really have anything to say that Manjaro couldn’t offer that Arch does (and that year of delayed updates just working, really is reassuring). And since I’m not in that “minimal” unixporn state of mind (after all… I use GNOME as my main DE :laughing: (I really like the aesthetics, and I’ve always had), and manjaro stable is already bleading edge for me, I’m really thinking to jump from Debian 11 to Manjaro stable in my main PC :cold_face:; GNOME 40 being the main reason that is pushing me (you now, that “rush” to taste new things!).

Would you recommend an ex Debian-stable guy to go all in with btrfs? Does it really offer more conveniences than timeshift rsync?

Cheers to all! :beers:


Hello Manjaro community! I’ve been interested in migrating to Linux for regular use for a while, and made the migration this weekend. Manjaro checked so many boxes, rolling updates perhaps being the biggest, and I am eager to continue learning how to tinker with computers.


Hi everybody!
A new entry, from burnin’ Italy here.
As an (old)normal kdesktop user, the switch brought undoubted benefits: a snappier system, faster boot and shutdown, hopefully a livelier, friendlier community -I guess it doesn’t take much to it- and, I don’t know yet, I’m glad I did it but the hop is just from yesterweek.

A few things perplex me_

first, why isn’t it made possible to remove avahi when you don’t need it? Tis is no problem in OpenSUSE.

then, I noticed this curious user mr nobody. How to find out what and who needs him? I changed his password, but I don’t feel it’s enough, I’d like to remove him, when nothings need it.

third, kate, dolphin, ksystemlog all complain:
“qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “” even though it was found. This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized.”.
No major issue, everything’s fine, nevertheless it is a pain seeing all those complaints.

kde.weatherWidget from the kde “get new widget download” doesn’t work: the error is “module “QtQuick.XmlListModel” is not installed”
So I had to install the package instead.

In Kate the undo works only when selected from menu, but ctrl-z doesn’t, funny.

ultimately, the only thing I really miss from OpenSUSE is a konsole’s shortcut, probably the most useful I ever used: ctrl-up/down -bringing up the commands from history starting with that letter -
I guess that’s implemented in how konsole was built and you can’t do much about it, so, I think it’s time I start compiling my own stuff.
Somebody wish to point to a beginners friendly tut, either specific for konsole or a more general oen?

That’s all folks,
hope you are all well and keep away from becomin the next guinea-pig


Hi there. I’m Ryan. To be honest, I have yet to be able to install Manjaro. So impressed am I with the live boot usb, I really wanted to make this a main driver.

I am a software engineer working for a small transportation company in beautiful western Michigan. I have been working in Python, C# and these days mobile apps in Flutter/Dart. A few years ago, I had switched over to a linux distro from Windows because of issues relating to running an Android Emulator and docker at the same time. Docker using hyper-v, and android studio using whatever virtualization it uses.

Anyway, I could really use some help getting Manjaro installed. But I’d like to thank the Manjaro team for all their hard work, this is a VERY good distro, and I can sense a lot of passion about how everything put together.


Hi everyone,
I’m Damien and I’ve been on Manjaro for a while now, around 3 years. I was on Ubuntu and Arch Linux before. Manjaro for me hits a nice middle ground between these two with the DIY aspect of Arch Linux and the ease of installation of Ubuntu.

See you around !


Hey, I’m Aaron. I’m from Vancouver, BC. Manjaro rules all!



Hi Everyone,

I am Bdevn. Long story short I started my computing journey in 2007 with Windows XP and worked my way through to Windows 10 as a daily driver up until 3-4 years ago. I have done a great deal of Distro hopping since and had become a fan of Debian xfce with i3 on top for two reasons. I really like the tiling WMs and I have always had sub-standard hardware to work on until just this year.

I recently became the proud owner of an HP Omen (2017) and the difference in power and graphics was such a relief, I decided to try out Gnome once again as I had always appreciated the UI, even more so since the advent of the Pop!-shell. I have a Debian based install running on an nvme and am running Manjaro here on an SSD dual boot. Loving it so far!

I am new to Arch in general and like many (from my readings) chose Manjaro as my first install. Thanks for having me. I look forward to learning and growing with the Arch/Manjaro Community!!



Hello everyone. I was a debian and debian flavor user since 2016 when only time I was effected by windows virus. used linux mint, debian, elementary, korora, ubuntu for quit sometime but linux mint and debian are the most used distros. I was using debian 10 for last 2 years and now I wanted the change as every ubuntu/debian user here did. I tried other flavors but in the end everyone followed debian, hence are old ones. so here I am at manjaro. Its quit hard for me to get to know package manager and building from AUR, but I hope I will get help from here.

I want help topics on how not to break the system and how to correctly build packages. Any link from here or any video will be good for me.

I am a web developer so the most important thing for me is to be stable rather to be more bleeding edge. thanks


Hi, I have just downloaded and am attempting to install Manjaro 21.12 KDE on my System 76 Darter Pro. I live in Texas close to San Antonio, and I am a very novice Linux user.


Hello, everyone,

my name is Mark from Cologne in Germany and I’ve been using various Linux distributions for a few years. I have already used Manjaro on Intel devices.

Now I would like to give the testing builds “Manjaro ARM” for the Raspberry Pi 4 a chance.

Best regards


Hello All,
I’m 62 years old, stopped the hop in 2017, joined the community in 2020, and never looked back. Everyone in the community from me and you to the developers and team members remind me of the way the “net” used to be. Filled with genuine people and meaningful, or at least fun commentary. Just thought I’d introduce myself and say that. Take care and all of you rock! So does Manjaro!