Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

I had manjaro installed next to Win 7 on my notebook … now I use manjaro as the operating system and have said goodbye to Win7 … I am enthusiastic about manjaro.


Hi everyone, I’m Francis(DizTro) from Nigeria :sneezing_face: .
I started using Manjaro when i was too weak to get Arch installation right, so here we are. I’ve been a fan of the unpopular that’s why i dual booted Linux for a while, but i couldn’t stand that life so i dived in full time last year and that’s one of the few excellent decision I’ve made.


Hi folks!

Couple years ago I started to play around with an OrangePi. This was my first time using a Linux distro and was kinda tough since I’m so used to Windows. Wanted to use the OrangePi in the shed for some simple surfing and listening to some music while working on stuff. (bud sadly lacked the power).

I loved the simple OS environment from Linux with no annoying pop-ups and other crappy stuff Windows does. So last year bought my self another Laptop and looked around for a nice distro. I tried Ubuntu based distro on the OrangePi and I hated all the spying Connical does. After a while found out about Manjaro. I installed it next to windows and loved from the beginning.

By a stupid mistake I corrupted my whole Manjaro/Windows installation… But now my Laptop is just Manjaro! I also removed the OrangePi out of my shed and placed a Mini-Pc with Manjaro as well.

Still have to learn A LOT! But I’m determined :smiley:


Hello there!

Im a dude from the Philippines and Manjaro Rocks! And its a very good experience than any *buntu based distros. Im a long time windows user and i really need to maximize my current hardware for my studies as a CS student and i find this distro so powerful. I hope i can get well with you!


Hello fellow-manjaros,

I’m a member of the linux community since 2010, started with Linux Mint 9. Had to escape Windows Vista… :rage:

Changed to the Arch-Family with Antergos and felt at home right away. Unfortunately they stopped the further development in 2019 and I had to find a new home. Did some distro hopping (RebornOS, Sabayon[Gentoo], Mageia, Linux Lite) but nothing felt good to me.

Finally I found Manjaro and the good old Antergos/Arch mood was here again. Hope, it stays like that forever…


Michael :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Hey there everyone!

I have always been found of Linux, however always hesitated switching due to gaming. Now, a majority of the games I play are available here with no problem. I first used Ubuntu and switched to Arch shortly after that.

Since that got way to annoying I just installed Manjaro. First xfce, then KDE.

I can´t wait to see what’s for Manjaro in the future!

See ya,



Hi Manjaro guys,

I am Thanos and i am a linux user in parallel with windows since 2004-05.
I have finished computer science and now i am working as a DevOps member at Nokia (Greece)
I have used so many distros…like Debian - Ubuntu - Fedora - Slackware - Cetnos - RHEL - Arch stock - EndeauvorOS and also Manjaro off course.

I like so much the power of Arch - pacman and AUR so i would like to find something out of the box and this is Manjaro. Also i like the fact that even if this is a rolling release there is a layer in front of it. (Manjaro repos main with the testing branches).

Keep on this nice work and put this distro on the top!!

Best Regards,



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Hi all,

new guy here. Or actually, not quite as new. I used Manjaro in the past quite extensive, and have had a forum user for years. However, due to my work, I started using more and more macOS, FreeBSD and RHEL, and thus not kept logging in to the Manjaro Forums. Now that I sport a Manjaro Desktop and Laptop again, I found my user not to be salvagable and had to create a new one :slight_smile:

Linux experience: Started with SuSE Linux 6.3 and KDE 1.1.2 in the 90s, have loved Linux ever since then and am an OpenSource enthusiast! I do love my Unix in general, and have some experience with AIX and OpenBSD, and a little more with FreeBSD. Workwise I then deepdove into macOS/Darwin and Virtualization with vmWare in the DataCenter.

State of now I administrate Windows Servers, RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu Servers - Manjaro is purely on my private machines for now.

Happy to be back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello everyone, Long time using manjaro( but i joined this forum only now, when i access the matray and found this forum), I’m from Brazil and use Manjaro with Windows 10 ( manjaro for personal use, work and some games, and Windows 10 for some games that don’t work with Manjaro even with lutris.

I hope i can be of some help.
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


I am ready to flap my fingers :ok_hand:

Without a :wink: :grin: :joy: that could be considered as “rude behaviour”.

Although I’m a moderator on this site, this is not an official warning: just helping you to become a more productive member of this web site.


I didn’t knew that i had to use these emoticons. For sure it was a humoristic post and not a rude one :wink: :wink:


Did you mean snap? :wink:

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I am a (not new) user of Manjaro.
However, I am new to this forum.
My name is Klakke, living in the region of Roeselare, West Flanders, Belgium.
Since 2014 already known and user of a ‘Linux-driven operating system’ on 5 devices of which one (laptop) serves as a test machine.
Today installed Manjaro (21.0.7 Xfce) again, fully updated, removed some unnecessary programs and made the operating system to my liking.



Hello everyone,

I’m Al.
I was taken by a bout of madness (maybe?) and installed Manjaro KDE Plasma on my laptop.
I’m a complete newbie so I expect to be asking a lot of (probably) silly questions if searching the depth of the Internet fails me.


As I haven’t posted this in a while in this thread:,

Here is the ultimate N00b guide:



Long-time Windows user, and even a DOS user prior to that (anyone else remember using QEMM386 for memory management and Stacker to compress HD’s?)… I graduated from college in Computer Engineering Technology back when 486 computers were just coming out :wink:

I dabbled with GNU/Linux here and there over the years, but never really dedicated much time to any distro once I found out I wasn’t going to be able to bring my windows games with me. (all work and no play… no way!)

But in early July 2021 I caught Anthony’s (LTT) various video’s on “Linux Gaming” where they mentioned or showed Manjaro and Pop_OS in use and witnessed the huge progress that had been made over the years thanks to tools like wine, SteamPlay/Proton, etc…

Many of the distos I tried like POP_OS, unbuntu, mint didn’t work well for me (some not even as far as their Live environments loading)… I suspect because my hardware (AMD 5600X CPU and 6800XT GPU) was too “bleeding edge” for their older LTS kernels (many @ 5.4 at the time).

The Arch-based distros were a much better experience, I found myself preferring Manjaro KDE (5.10 in 21.0.7) over Garuda (5.12 zen kernel) and have stuck with it since around mid July 2021.

Looking forward to a long term commitment to Manjaro’s GNU/Linux and participating in the communities.


Hello everyone,

I have been distro hopping since 2019 (debian, ubuntu, fedora - love it -, arch, gentoo and of course manjaro).
Has of now manjaro is the one that I prefer (as a desktop) .
I was a big fan of gnome but have recently switch to plasma.

I’m a student from a french engineering school specialized in informatics. English is not my native tongue so feel free to correct me, I’m although to improve it :grinning:.