Welcome and introduce yourself - 2020

After a long period of distro-hopping, I settled on Manjaro in about 2015. Not looked back since.


Hey, I’m new on the forum, but not new to Linux / Manjaro.

I’m from Grödig, Austria - that’s a village south from Salzburg. Sorry - if my English isn’t correct. It’s my second foreign language, my first foreign language is french.

I’m using Linux for nearly 15 years. I’ve started with Ubuntu / Kubuntu. For several years I ran Linux parallel with Windows. Finally I abandoned Windows and installed Manjaro Xfce. That was 6 years ago. I’m so happy with it! It’s rock stable, fast, reliable - it’s awwesome! I’ve everything that I need with this system.

Lately I purchased a new Laptop (Lenovo V340) and I gave Manjaro KDE a try - it’s great. Kubuntu was very buggy parallel with Windows - so I had some doubts. But Manjaro KDE is stable, fast, solid, … what a great distro that is!

But the best thing about Manjaro is its community. Thanks a lot! Have a great day! Matthias Fuchs

P.S.: I’m married, we have two boys (8 and 3 years). I’m a teacher (Religion / Catholic). I mostly use my PCs for work (school) - but I like some games, too.


Hi everyone,
I’m Dylan and I live in Canada.
I haven’t made the switch to Manjaro yet but it’s going to be something I do in the very near future. I’ve been experimenting, distro hopping, testing Linux for about 20 years.
It began in college when I first really learned about Linux and got to install Fedora 6. After that I started testing out different distributions on an old PC I had. Then I got a job that didn’t allow me much time to tinker.
Fast forward a number of years and I was no working someplace that I was able to play around again. Because of work and the wife acceptance factor I was limited to having to use Windows on my work and personal computer. But Linux is kind of like a tattoo, once you’ve used it (gotten a tattoo), you have this burning desire to get another. So I started distro hopping again with VM’s on my work PC to figure out which one I liked. I ended up getting an old Dell server for personal media and I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on it. Been a solid work horse but the time has come to switch. With Ubuntu forcing Snap down my throat I want something that I have the choice of having snap or not.
I was looking for something that was lightweight, fast and would be a bit different than Ubuntu to challenge my learning. Manjaro meets that need. I’m currently experimenting with it in VM on a Windows laptop to make sure I can run all the applications, services and scripts I’ve written in Ubuntu and so far it’s been easy peasy.
I hope to install on my server soon, but soon could mean a few months. I’ve been working in IT for 20 years in the Windows world, but dabbling in Linux during my personal time. I am currently also working on a few certifications for Linux.
Looking forward to the new world of Manjaro and what it has to offer.



Been using Slackware since 1993, with custom built kernels and other system tweaks. Since their last release was 6 years ago and the -current branch is updated, not upgraded, I decided to look for something else. Also, I had my fun for 20 years of building apps and I’m just too lazy now.

Popped Manjor on my MSI laptop and I was surprised that…it just worked. Slackware was an evening, at best, of config/buiding. Been running in for 8 months on that system without flaw.

Recently, I decided to make the switch on my desktop as well. That was a tough decision to make, as I’m pretty picky about what I put on my desktop system. Installation was an adventure. After doing the initial updated, Manjaro wiped itself from the Grub menu. 6 times I reinstalled, blacklisted apps/kernels from updating, and it kept removing itself. Reinstalling Grub failed each time and I had to follow a post that reinstalled the kernels and that finally got me to boot with an updated system.

I’m still having some minor issues and that’s why I registered for this forum. Nothing major; just little twitchy things that I’ll post in the proper group(s) and see if I can get them resolved.

See ya all around!


My name is James.
I’m new to Manjaro but not GNU/Linux (since 2001)
Testing Manjaro on the Pinephone from Pine64.
I live in the Gold Coast area of Australia, if you’re local say Hi!
First Linux distro was Red Hat 7.1, and took 3 days to install & set up on a Toshiba Satalitte laptop. Never looked back!


Hi everyone!
My name is Jakub. Til this day I’m not sure James or Jacob in English :smiley: so maybe just “J” like in Men in Black movies :sunglasses:

Long time Manjaro user (probably for 5 years or something)
On previous forum I asked a lot of questions and answered some. And as a contribution I uploaded some Manjaro wallpapers

Because I like clean installs I feel like a veteran Manjaro installer so maybe I’ll be able to bring help to new users :slight_smile:


Hi all,
Since I got my Thinkpad last year, I’ve used Manjaro. It’s my first experience with this OS and I felled in love very soon. Still learning a lot since it’s my first linux experience and I regret not starting it earlier.


After a week or so on the forum I think it is appropriate to introduce myself also. So lets start of with a friendly hello :slight_smile:

Personal short.
My name is Alvin and I live in the Netherlands in a small but nice town with my wife and kids. I work at a government agency and have two hobbies photography and kiting.

Linux experience:
In 2000 after Windows ME was released I started with Linux Mandrake and after some distro hopping it is my main system since 2002.
In 2002 it was Gentoo and I used it for almost a decade. But somehow I was wondering if there was something else out there less time consuming but still rolling and still advanced. Most distros did not cut it but after some trail and error trying out distros I started with Arch.
After using that wot some time I started to read about Manjaro after reading and looking at the way it does its job I wanted to try it out. First as a VM to see if I liked it and heck to my own surprise I did like it allot. Finding myself more and more working in the VM I installed it on another disk and after that I work with it and use it as main system with i3 as my default desktop.

I hope to learn new things on this forum and will try to helpout if I can, but even after using Linux a long time I still learn and I still make mistakes, but that’s what we all do and we are all here to help one and other. So again hello to all.



I have used Manjaro before but drifted back to kubuntu, and just came from Neon’s latest. Two things I noticed immediately was that the annoying cursor flutter that the buntu’s have with dell products was pleasantly not there. Also welcome was the joy of only having to enter my wifi password one time to connect instead of the two times it takes in kubuntu or neon.

The distro is running very solidly and snappy

Thanks to the developers. Looking forward to exploring and enjoying Manjaro


I’ve been a user of Linux for 5-6 years. I have mainly used Debian based distros in the past but now tinkering with Manjaro. I heard it is fast and efficient on hardware so decided to give it a try. Hope I will stick with it in future.


My name is Arshia Aghaei
I’m a 20-year-old Computer Engineering student

I’ve used Ubuntu since I was 15 (for about 2 years) then I decided to try out new Linux distros and ended up trying Manjaro KDE at first, but then moved to XFCE.

Looking forward to learning things about Manjaro and probably sticking with it


Hi everyone. I’ve been all over the place trying to find something that works for me in the Linux world, and you really can’t imagine my surprise when I decided on Manjaro Gnome! I’ve tried so many distros, and even different Manjaro flavors. This is the first time I’ve used Gnome in an environment that actually performed beautifully, with speed, no delay and rock freakin’ solid. I’m sold!

Your implementation of a Unity style setup is beautiful! And, everything I work with from Word Processing to Spreadsheets and Video editing with Shotcut works flawlessly. You have absolutely created what I’ve been searching for.

Please keep up the high level of effort and integrity I’m seeing from Manjaro, and I’m looking forward to the future. I’m a total convert, now.


Wow, this is definitely an International community. I am located in North Carolina, USA - about 20 miles from Red Hat HQ. I have dabbled with Red Hat from 5.8 (ca. 1998) until RH 8 when I started to figure out what I was doing. I used 8 and 9 part time then played with Fedora up to about Core 4. I found an Ubuntu iso on Usenet and decided to give it a try.

I used Ubuntu pretty much full time at 8.04. Issues with a new PC and Ubuntu 10.04 pushed me back to the Hat side of the house. I ran CentOS 6 for several years and am now running CentOS 7. I have had some fallings out with RHEL/CentOS 8 so I am looking around. I have always had something running Ubuntu and currently have a couple of machines running Ubuntu Mate 20.04.

I have been running Manjaro Mate for a couple of days as a virtual machine in VMWare on my CentOS 7 workstation. I have always found the Arch documentation to be first class regardless of what distro I am using. But I want the distro to work for me and not the other way around :smiley: That is why I am giving Manjaro a try.



Another Processing user!

And obviously a developer, which I am not particularly although I do write the occasional Python script when I need something done automagically.

And I like doing interesting graphics tricks in Processing, but I then abduct my work directly into the arts and humanities. I haven’t enough lifetimes to learn all the things!

Anyway. Cool. I mostly use Processing for poking around into complexity and chaos and noise and other unpredictables. I get unduly excited when someone else knows what it is. :slight_smile:

OK I confess I still use OS X (yeah I know it is MacOS now but my love/hate relationship with the fruity company is leaning further to the dislike side daily so I’m grasping at remnants of the halcyon years) and even have three iOS devices–jailbroken, naturally. I got my first taste of *nix when Apple moved from OS 9 to OS X and it wasn’t long before I drank from the Linux fountain because holy crap was that stuff powerful!

Windows? Only when there was no other choice. Never ever did it touch any hardware of my own.

Truth be told, I’m not sure how the addiction narrative should run in my case. :thinking:


Hi Everyone,

A 1d old noob here just and just wanted to tell you thank you for all these efforts in the background on behalf of all the the noob newbies on the stable :wink: Until I reached to this forum thread now, I did not even have a clue about how hard and risky all day work goes on behind the curtains so we all can enjoy this amazing OS. :star_struck:

Just so you know, when I found Manjaro, a day after I deleted my Win10 completely after decades on Windows. I installed Debian stable, testing, centOS, Arch, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Solus, PureOS, Kali and many more for a few hours for a day but MANJARO has caused the LESS issues to me, installed the most packages without errors or popups (even Steam and I already played Arma3 on Linux!) and I swear, this MANJARO is the fastest Linux of all I tried, blazing fast and snappy on my power PC setup.



Currently there’s a fascinating conversation going on at the processing forum, which you might find interesting.



I am new-ish to linux, though I have “used” it on the chromebook for work run MS code and postman. I need to know more.

To that end i have converted an old desktop, successfully got Manjaru i3 running with node.js, Ms code, and postman , got ssh setup to access my react project cloned and ready to test/debug. Quite pleased with my progress this evening! Seeing my app work on my linux box after very little effort was gratifying.

I’m struggling with gitkraken though, it crashes when i try to do anything… Also no idea if it is possible to get the amazon workspace client installed.


Nice thread and good idea. I’ve been using linux for many years, running Arch Linux on most of my embedded devices. Manjaro was a very elegant way to start with my AMD PC - I love it. I’m using this distro for more than two years, have been in this forum since then. The users of this forum are very helpful, not conceited and friendly. So it is a good place to be.


Oooooh. There goes my day! Week. Month? Depends on how much more math I need to review.

Thanks for the tip!