Weird webpage loading


I have just installed manjaro KDE, and wanted to gather some info from the manjaro wiki page, since i am totally new to linux in general. When I try to load the wiki page, it does not load, instead i got a page like on the attached picture. Hmm, i cant make a link to the picture so pls add /a/4rrKFIp to imgur and you can see it.

I can load literally every page but manjaro wiki and sub pages.
I tried with chromium and firefox, both does this. I can load the page with my other devices, but i really want to copy paste some commands from the wiki so it would be nice to reach it.
Any idea?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I gather that what you’re seeing is this:arrow_down:

It’s not at your end. We’ve had similar reports earlier today. It must be something weird at the server end.

I’ll notify the pertinent people. Thank you for reporting this issue. :+1:


The main discussion can be found here. No need to have separate threads going about the same thing. :wink: