Weird theme for some apps

Using the XFCE version from 2 months and I just love it!
But from 3 days, after the 21.3 update, the theme for the simplescreenrecorder and vlc media player is weird like this:

Please help me fix it!


Those are Qt applications.
AFAIK Manjaro uses Kvantum by default for theming those applications. Otherwise, you can use this for theming them: Uniform look for Qt and GTK applications - ArchWiki

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But I wanna use the Matcha-Dark-Sea theme!!..

from applications menu,open kvantum,click on change -delete theme,select theme from drop-down box

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But its not having the matcha-sea-dark theme idk why, it has the aliz and aluz theme, but sea theme is not there!

Do you still have kvantum-manjaro installed?

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matcha-dark in my case gives me the appearance similar to what you want, however it is true that KvMatchaDarkSea expected me to fix it…but I was wrong it is a different issue.

sorry…my mistake

Oh yes!
I tried only the matcha-dark and it’s giving me the dark-sea look!

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