Weird Spike and lag

Hi, I have another issue out here, using an i5 with 4gigs of ram.

Experienced multiple times that my machine was lagging like significantly towards doing merely doing alt tab.

I see a weird Spike in ksysguard towards cpu usage but nothing on the Ram side. I was wondering if there’s a fix for that or if that’s a kernel issue or something. Its mostly core no.3 is Spiked up Everytime I switch windows and leaves me hanging for 30 seconds and can’t even type. Sometimes it takes 1 minute before I can use it again.

I’ve noticed a similar issue happening on my i5 box too recently since an update a few days ago.
Haven’t checked ksysguard but been getting unusual 99% cpu usage spikes while doing music production when usually the plugins I’m usign would bring me to 50% ish at worst. Was thinking of trying a reinstall in case it was somethign I messed up but then remembered I haven’t installed anything that should affect system stability :smiley:

Currently rebuilding my Ryzen PC, so once that’s done I’ll see if it happens there too.

It’s freaking weird Ang I have to wait for trying to roll back my kernel ver to see any improvement. :frowning:

I tried rolling back my kernel and reinstalling the new kernel, seems it was fixed . I dont know much really about kernels, i just install them.

I was still getting it on my i5, but as I planned to move my production back over to my Ryzen, I did so today. Literally swapped the hard drives into the Ryzen, started up expecting to have to fix stuff, but no…Manjaro booted up right away, and the spike was gone too.

That’s weird. One thing’s for sure. Intel sucks at the kind of Spike.