Weird glitch in dash when using Adwaita-maia shell theme

I’m noticing this weird glitch when using Blur My Shell extension. The corner of the dash seems pixelated. I’m adding bunch of screenshot with different shell themes for reference, all with Blur My Shell extension enabled:

Adwaita-maia shell

Adwaita default shell

AdwMod-dark shell

However, even without Blur My Shell disabled, Adwaita-maia shell looks strange:

I’m guessing it is a bug may be? Anybody else noticed this on their machine?

Our Adwaita maia theme needs an update. We are in works with it. The default GDM we provide is a better, manjaro color wise, approach to the upstream shell theme, hence no need to use the user theme. Hope that makes sense.

Got it. I uninstalled manjaro-gdm-theme previously, cause I wanted to keep both vanilla gnome and manjaro branded theme. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

Yeah, that one is providing the proper manjaro greens, once removed it should default to the same version, but with the blue accents, but even so, the user themes need a rework, or some will fail. We try to update is soon, especially since now there is GTK4 added to the table.

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