Weird commands in boot and shutdown time shows up!

Hello community.:slightly_smiling_face:
When I’m turning on(and shutting down) my laptop it shows some weird commands and they saying something If I’m right about network card and USB devices!(Maybe it is the mirrocast?) I seen this one for the first time so I don’t know exactly what it is!:person_shrugging:
Let me know if you can.
Thank you!

Everything before the “The system is going down for poweroff” is likely from the startup. I wouldnt worry about it if your system was working.

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There doesn’t seem to be any errors. Like @Jim.B said, if everything’s working, then there isn’t anything to worry about. Still if you want to double-check, then inspect with:

journalctl --boot=-1 --priority=3

Where -1 is the last boot you’ve seen the problem at, -1 in this example being the previous boot.

--priority=3 will display all warning and error log messages from the specified boot.

Hope this helps!


This isn’t important at all, but I thought someone should at least tell you. Those aren’t commands. They’re messages.

Commands are issued by the user, to interact with the computer. Even when you only click to save a document, a command is executed. While those are merely messages and all they can do is provide feedback.


That’s all just the regular verbosity of what the system is doing. If you do not want to see those messages, edit /etc/default/grub and make sure the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= line near the top of the file has the word quiet in it, as in the example below — this is from my system, and yours may differ slightly… :arrow_down:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet udev.log_priority=3"

Then, save the file and run… :arrow_down:

sudo update-grub

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