Weird bugs with taskbar's tooltips

first of all i “fixed” it by disabling the tooltips .
maybe it’s my settings,especially the Firefox ones,
but i get weird and unexpected behaviors;
the one that i can always reproduce is when firefox window is open,i then put my mouse on the FF icon in the taskbar and then quickly move the cursors to the top of the screen,i’m then left with only the title bar of FF and it’s borders but i can see the desktop,
and all kind of other glitches when i have two or more tasks on the task bar.(like when slowly moving the cursor above them etc.)

just informing; might be me might be KDE,idk.

Does this also happen when you log into another user and try it there?

i didn’t try and not sure i want to bother with it :slight_smile:
my install is quit vanilla,so it’s either this KDE version,something with the nvidia driver or Kernel,or the very few firefox tweaks i made following the Arch wiki.(i guess i listed them all :slight_smile: )
but i think this behavior is recent,so maybe something to do with the latest update.
I’ll see how it evolves and how it acts when using the intel graphics.
but after disabling the tooltips it doesn’t bother me that much,and anyway i don’t find the tooltips that helpful or well performing.

That’s just to know whether it’s a system issue or a profile issue…


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