Weird bars before latte-dock or vertical panel appear

i was wondering if someone else have those bars;
they usually appear if i slowly move the mouse towards the dock or panel,which are set to auto hide.
sometimes they also get stuck for a bit,or appear under the dock.


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seems the same as this issue,it’s just that my panel and dock are much smaller,so so is the Bar.

same problem here

i managed to get rid of the one near the Latte dock and found the culprit;
it’s called “KWin edge”,and there’s a box to uncheck in the Latte dock advanced settings under Behavior/environment.
i don’t really understand what’s the purpose of the Kwin edges,why they appear and how to disable them next to the KDE panel.

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thanks! that fixed it :grinning:

KWin edges are an important plasma way to communicate a dock/panel with the kwin window manager. If you dont want their visual, you can simple disable them at:
Plasma SystemSettings → Workspace Behavior → Desktop Effects → (disable) KWin Edge effect

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That fixed it,thanks.
i removed the screen edges functions some time ago,but didn’t disable them under Desktop effects.
it’s weird that for it to work, those black bars needs to appear.

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