Websites think my system time is 7 hours ahead despite correct time on laptop

I’m in the Pacific (Daylight) Zone (California), and both the BIOS system time, and the system time inside Manjaro are set and display properly. But various websites will timestamp a post/entry as 7 hours ahead (UTC, I think?) Network sync is installed and running.

For example, here’s a screen grab of an entry I just made on a food diary website. I made it at local time 1030 but you can see it’s reporting 1730 (5:30pm).

It’s not just this website either. A recent post on Discord was 7 hours ahead as well.

One possible factor (although I don’t understand how it would be the case) is that this is a dual-boot laptop with Win 10 installed. I don’t boot into it very often (why bother when you have Manjaro installed!) but the system clocks display the correct time there as they do in Manjaro.

[edit] The same entry to the same website when booted into Windows has the identical 7-hours-ahead timestamp–so it must be hardware related??

You correctly identified the problem (Windows). Type timedatectl in a terminal. Do you see a big fat warning at the end? If yes, correct it with

timedatectl -set-local-rtc 0

Adjust the clock if necessary. Reboot in windows. Open regedit.exe and add dword value in


RealTimeIsUniversal = 1

Reboot, adjust clock in bios once more, let it sync and you should be fixed.

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Brilliant. I’d had dual-boot systems before, and had set that registry key–but for some reason I didn’t in this time.

Everything seems copacetic now! Thanks! :+1:

[edit] Spoke too soon (see below)

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I spoke too soon. Websites are again reporting my posts as UTC. I went thru the process again–even adding a line to the Win 10 registry: (from here)


$ timedatectl is correctly reporting Local time as PDT, Universal time: as UTC, and RTC the same as UTC. BIOS time is UTC.

It turns out that timestamps are incorrect ONLY IF I USE FIREFOX. :man_facepalming: Brave, Vivialdi report the correct time.

I found this, here:

Note that when privacy.resistFingerprinting is enabled you are in the UTC time zone.
Screen/window sizes are spoofed as well and site specific zoom is disabled and the user agent is spoofed to the current ESR release among other changes.

I use

case "$2" in
        timedatectl set-timezone "$(curl --fail"

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