WebCameras! which ones, and how do you make them work with OBS-Studio?

As the title tries to convey,
what webcam or Camera DSLR/Mirrorless are you using and how did you make it work?

If you can include just a short description of your rig/machine as well

I’m interested in high resolution an absolute minimum of 1080p and over 30fps. but would like to see if you have found a 4K camera that can be run in obs-studio and deliver over 30fps.

My side hustle is to make photo editing tutorials and a few other types of reviews, I recently bought a Depstech 4k webcam after OBS-studio refused to connect to the old-ish action camera that I used as a webcam. This setup worked flawlessly up until this last big update of Manjaro I did.

The problem is the Debstech camera would only give me 30fps at a resolution of 640x380 which is useless for me, anything above that resolution gave me 1fps or froze the image.

I’m not sure why? My production rig should be able to handle pretty much anything, but I’m new to Linux in general so it might have been my fault, but I returned the camera and decided to try and ask here what works and not. The sales ad said it would work with Linux.

My rig setup:

  • Manjaro KDE Plasma
  • kernel 5.14.x
  • AMD Ryzen 3950x OC
  • AMD Radeon VII
  • MSI x570 Unify
  • RAM 32GB Gskill 3600MHz
  • Sabrent Gen 4 pcie m.2 1TB
  • PSU 1600w