Webcam stops working after few minutes

I recently bought a brand new webcam for my HP Pavilion desktop workstation.
When I try to use it in a Google Meet session, for example, it works perfectly only to crash after a few minutes (screen goes black).

Here are some useful info in advance:

Bus 001 Device 009: ID 05a3:9331 ARC International Camera

After the crash:

sudo journalctl  --follow | tee jc.log 
gen 14 18:57:46 pavilion kernel: uvcvideo 1-1:1.1: Failed to set UVC commit control : -110 (exp. 26).
gen 14 18:57:51 pavilion kernel: usb 1-1: Failed to query (SET_CUR) UVC control 11 on unit 2: -110 (exp. 1).

Looking forward to your suggestions to troubleshoot this!

check for active power saving options
I don’t know whether Manjaro still uses TLP or something else with fresh installations.

It is easy to disable the power saving for USB devices if TLP is used - if that is the source of your issue.

There is tlpui (or similar name) - a graphical way to edit the configuration file for this tool.

I think we’re on the right track. In fact, I have TLP installed (forgot about it because I was merely using for setting the governor). So I went on and turned off USB autosuspend, saved and rebooted. Unfortunately, the issue didn’t go away. What else am I missing?

Update: after another little tweak in tlp conf file, webcam looks pretty stable now. I’ll see if it stays that way. Bottom line is, I don’t really need TLP, point is I couldn’t set my governor on startup any other way. Will I lose these settings if I uninstall TLP altogether?