Webcam Sound Output Problem

I am trying to install a Logitech c920S Pro webcam on a Dell box.

I have installed Cheese and the video and recording sound appear correct. Looking at PAVControl (input devices), OrbiCam Dig. Stereo (IRC958) is correctly showing input.

The PAVControl (output devices) Port shows "HDMI/Display Port (plugged in) and no sound is played for instance from a Cheese recording.

If I play a file and direct the output to an auxiliary headset … Port: Headphones (plugged-in) then the sound works correctly.

The PAV configuration is set as follows:
TU116 High Definition Audio Controller … Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output
Built-In Audio … Analog Stereo Output
OrbiCam … Digital Stereo (IEC958) Input
I have tried a number of config options without success.

In Alsamixer all modes appear to be on and Auto-Mut and Loopback are ‘Disabled’.

Help would be appreciated.

Your webcam probably has only a stereo microphone for audio capture and no audio output

OrbiCam … Digital Stereo (IEC958) Input

HDMI/Display Port output is to display monitor from GPU (TU116 = GTX 6650 or 6660)

Please post response to

pacmd list-cards

that will show PulseAudio sinks (outputs) and sources (inputs) available for each card

For HDMI output you need speakers on Monitor or some AUX out from it plugged into some speakers