Webcam - make sure it's off

Hi team -
I’m running Plasma 5.26.5 on 5.15.91-1-MANJARO and have a question relating to the webcam on my Galago Pro.
Do you know of a plasma system setting that let me turn off the webcam? That is, when I need to use Zoom the light comes on and I know its working. I just want to make sure it’s off when the light goes out.
Or am I better off just putting a sticky note over it? :->

A privacy cover seems the best solution to me if this is not an option on the device. (search for “webcam privacy cover” they don’t cost much) Sticky notes have a tendency to fall off and the glue might stick to the glass/frame and collect dust/crud and in time damage/smudge the lens/frame.

There are some devices that have a hardware switch that disconnects the wires to the webcam/microphone, this device does not seem to be able to do that, but I don’t own one so check with System76 if there are options, maybe in the firmware apps.

makes sense to me.

You could try with unloading and blacklisting the uvcvideo module.

If you run below command you effectively turn off video until next boot

sudo modprobe -r -f uvcvideo

When you need it again - in the same session

sudo modprobe uvcvideo

If you want something flexible - you could search the internet for clues to how other users have dealt with their webcam.

It is a fairly easy task to create a script which toggles uvcvideo module - of course it will only work if it is the module used - unless your webcam is something exotic - there is a high chance that unloading the module will do the trick.

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