Webcam installation (USB Video Class)

Hi complete noob here setting my Linux workspace little by little, one device at a time.
Now I intent to install a usb webcam namely the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3. It is a new model officially not supported in Linux but according to the manufacturer (Creative) :
“The webcam does not officially support Linux. Linux is open source and comes with a variety of distributions. It will depend whether the distribution supports UVC devices (USB Video Class). If the distribution supports UVC, the webcam will most likely work.​”
So my questions are;

  1. does Manjaro support UVC devices from the start ?
    I pluged the webcam but as far as I can tell nothing happened
  2. If not what package do you recommend ?
    Thank you

to point 2.)

it’s strict against the forum rules to give any advertisement or suggestions for a specific product. therefor this question cannot and must not be answered here.

to point 1.)
your talking about a usb-webcam ? in this case i wouldn’t be afraid. all these product are made in china and the ordinary driver to all of them is usually uvcvideo.

without a real test everything else is digging in the dark.

Thanks @Olli and sorry about the specificity of the product .
Obviously not intended as advertisement or endorsement.
I will give it a try and see what happens

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