Web page visited IP log

I don’t keep history on web browser and i lost a page. Does Manjaro keep IP logs?

I am sure the server logs when some sort of connection happens.
And I know the forum software takes IP’s
…but what does this have to do with your browsing history ?

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Manjaro does not track your browsing history or any other metrics. If you don’t want to lose visited pages, enable history in your browser or create bookmarks.

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I’m searching a webpage visited before without history, any hints?

Try remembering what it was about and search it.


If you instruct your browser to not remember the pages you visit, by disabling “history”, then you should not be surprised to hear that your browser can not provide you that info.

No browser in any operating system will log IP’s of the pages you visit, that is only a functionality of web-server’s.

If you use Chrome and are loged-in into your google account and have browsing history enabled for your google-account, then you might be able to find your visited page in the history of your google-account.
(Not sure if that functionality still exists in Google, i actively don’t use it)

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