Web Browser Slow

this is a weird one. i have a Dell G5 SE with the 4800H and 5600M. im wanting to use my monitor as my primary display and laptop as the secondary. i have a fresh install and have already updated the packages, and made sure i got the right drivers. when connected to external display any web browser i use is slow and choppy as hell. the rest of the system is fine but im not sure what to do to fix it. when the monitor is disconnected it runs just fine. any help is greatly appreciated.

@c00ter is that you? Or is this some other redneck in the pacific northwest?

Anyways, hi…
I have a thought - given some reports I see online … it could be due to X.
A quickish check might be to try wayland.

see KDE + Firefox from 93 to 94 = hashed images - #11 by Wisermans

I got a problem upgrading from Firestorm 93 to Firestorm 94 … solved with Wayland … maybe time for Manjaro to install Wayland as a first choice … though as far as i read Wayland seems to be buggy with NVIDIA … nothing seems to be never perfect :-/