Web apps no longer have an icon

My installed web apps (using chromium: with or without isolated profiles + ozone set to auto) no longer have an icon: they just appear with the default blue cog icon.

This worked fine before the latest upgrade.

I checked the .desktop files, but can’t seem to solve it at all.
The launchers have also been pinned to the dock, but once I start them from the launcher the windows are not recognized.

I’m using gnome-shell with wayland.

Apparently it seems like using the --app argument on chromium-browser will actually cause the --class argument to be ignored from now on.

So I removed the --class argument and changed the StartupWMClass in my .desktop file to be the same as what it was generating.

For example, using --app=https://my.special.url.com will make chromium use the following WMClass:

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