BBC not work on weather widget

Hi everybody. I have the defaulft KDE weather widget on my desktop, but since today the BBC (bbcukmet) service doesn’t work. Anyone with the same issue?.


Working just fine here. Make sure the location is set correctly from their search of the Weather Station. And by the way, that means you are using the Weather Report widget not the Weather Widget widget :slight_smile:

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My city is only at BBC (bbcukmet): Viña del Mar, Chile.

Still not working. :confused:

I tested your city and is not working indeed, regardless. Might be something on their end, or the widget itself, so try to install the Weather Widget from KDE Store. You can use the service for

so you add this line in that settings path for it:íso/Viña_del_Mar/


you add this code
and the name of the city

Lo siento pero se parece que la cosa no esta en nuestro poder e arreglarlo de otra forma.

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Thanks you! That widget work very fine =)

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