Weather info not showing in notification

in the notification drop down, it shows loading instead of the weather. the weather info does show when I launch the weather app. is this a bug?

Do you have Location Services enabled under Settings > Privacy?

yes, I do

I have the same issue, al tho I look out the window for the weather, I’m intrigued about the cause and have some time to spare while waiting for something.

Looking at my logs (journalctl | grep weather ) there is a specific error that seems relevant:

jun 22 07:54:09 HOST gnome-shell[1757]: gweather_info_set_enabled_providers: assertion 'info->application_id != NULL' failed

This seems like the error for this issue. dump the error in a search engine, this leads me to this stackoverflow page witch seems to point to a problem with a empty variable. And why Yochanan asks to verify the location service.

This seems a probable reason because the weather app loads and has the right location and displays the weather but the version of weather is 40, the shell is still 3.38 in stable so there might be some incompatibilities till the versions catch up.

It might solve itself in time, there are no issues on the weather github page for this behavior.

Is the weather app working on your system and automatically choosing the right location for you?

See below:

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Upgrading stable (with gnome 40) solved the loading message for me.

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