Wayland with nvidia?

This is intended as more of a general Q&A rather than a specific question, is anyone using wayland with nvidia without a daily struggle?

It was my impression that GNOME and KDE more or less had this worked out, but I still can’t seem to get any window managers to run. I’m currently using qtile which immediately crashes when I try to launch it with wayland. I’ve not tried to debug this yet since in the past whenever I tried with other window managers I could never get it working.

Some info relevant for the discussion: There is this post for the wayland + nvidia struggle.

On heavy usage, aka normal work, both KDE Plasma and Gnome, under Wayland + Nvidia GPU, start to act like someone is cutting the power to the keyboard, mouse and bit by bit to the Monitors, with all the fancy artifacts possible, till is not usable anymore.