Wayland socket /run/user/1000/wayland-0 doesn't exist

I just setup Waydroid using the Arch wiki instructions but when I try to run waydroid session start I get the error

WAYLAND_DISPLAY is not set, defaulting to "wayland-0"
Wayland socket "/run/user/1000/wayland-0" doesn't exist; are you running a Wayland compositor?

I’m using KDE Plasma, which is supposed to be a Wayland compositor, so I’m assuming this should have been generated automatically. I’m not sure what’s causing this or how to even manually generate the socket. I did find another thread here where the solution was to load the uvesafb module but doing

modprobe uvesafb
doesn’t change the result even temporarily for me.


Sorry if this info isn’t particularly helpful in solving my issue. I’m still inexperienced so I don’t know generally what to look for. However, I’ll try to provide all the information that’s asked for.

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You most likely run X11 session instead Wayland (you can confirm this with echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE). For Wayland with KDE you need install plasma-wayland-session and choose Plasma Wayland in bottom left on login screen.


Plasma 5 does not use Wayland by default yet. “Out of the box” in Manjaro, Plasma runs on top of X11. You can however run it on top of Wayland by following @Tomek’s instructions.

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Thanks! Works like a charm!

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