Wayland: Chromium hardware video acceleration

The only thing keeping me on X11 is the fact that hardware video acceleration does not seem to work properly in Chromium.

I have the following flags for Chromium:


When I add --use-gl=egl I can see GPU activity however it is very choppy (as mentioned in the Arch docs)

Does anyone know when Chromium will be properly supported by Wayland? It’s crazy that hardware video acceleration in Linux is still so hit or miss in 2021.

In my subject below Yours I made some investigation.

Hardware acceleration helps a lot in Firefox but You need to desible H264codec as extension in browser, Chromium should be similar.

I have very smooth video right now even 4K 60 FPS in x264, x265 in my ultrabook is available up to 2K 60FPS or 4K 30FPS in web players. Because my GPU don’t accelerate x265 and VP9 (for example YouTube).

Only one issue I was found,about it, if You use full hardware acceleration it’s looks like codec don’t recognize color space profile so Rec709 looks perfect, but Rec2020 is really washed out contrast.