Wayland and Nvidia - Opinions?

I recently installed Manjaro 22.0 with Gnome/Wayland on a spare PC to test the Intel ARC A750 GPU. After just a little tweaking it is running Steam and several DX11 games pretty well. I am fairly new to Manjaro but I like it enough that I’m considering installing on my normal gaming PC with a Nvidia GPU. I tried a wayland distro about a year ago and it had strange issues with Nvidia. Just wondering if anyone has had good luck with wayland/Nvidia before I go for it.

My gaming PC is : Intel i5-13600 CPU with Nvidia RTX 3060ti GPU, 32GB DDR5, MSI Z690 MB

X11 and Nvidia driver work well together.
I have read some treads, that Wayland and Nvdia driver don´t work well.

Any reason you would want Wayland with Nvidia? Personally I would stick with the default X11 I don’t see a benefit that would weight more than the problems you may/will have with Wayland.

I thought wayland was now the default on gnome now? If he wants gnome he’s better off using x11 though like you said

Technically, however there are requirements and exceptions.

See /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/61-gdm.rules.

Most notably, Wayland is disabled on hybrid laptops with a discrete NVIDIA GPU.

However, Fedora thinks they know better and enable Wayland anyway. :man_shrugging:


I’m sure that Wayland/Nvidia situation is not quite ready yet. I feel it will take some time to adapt to a newer and hopefully more efficient protocol. I like the wayland model in theory, especially for gaming. Reduced latency is possible with client-side rendering, and code may be simpler, which could mean faster. I know a lot of legacy applications will have to be rewritten but I think eventually Wayland will be adopted as a standard. Like anything new it takes time to implement. The fact that it is a little tricky with Nvidia makes me want to install a wayland based system and play with it - kind of a challenge :slight_smile: