Waydroid portrait mode

Hi, everyone. new to the forum and I am using the SWAY Window Manager from the community ISO installer.

I have a question about Waydroid. Some applications force portrait mode and it glitches as in my mouse is sideways and won’t go below the lower half of the window. Instance, linking a device in Whatsapp to Whatsapp web I can’t click on the bottom button to link device by code.

I tried using the following:

waydroid prop set persist.waydroid.multi_windows true

This only results in nothing displaying and I have to select false to start using the program again.

Anybody have any advice on making this work? Many thanks for reading and looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

sudo waydroid shell wm set-fix-to-user-rotation enabled

That’s useful to know. Cheers. Unfortunately the cursor still refuses to move past the bottom half. Any idea how to get past this or what’s causing it?