Waybar config changes overwritten

I’m new to Manjaro-sway. When I edit the waybar config in ~/.config/waybar/ (to remove some of the modules I don’t need) and reload, the config seems to get overwritten by the default config, and the bar remains unchanged. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

which version are you using?

From the terminal:

Manjaro-sway Linux 5.10.59-1-MANJARO x86_64 21.1.0 Pahvo

Does the version affect whether the config gets overwritten?

First of all it looks like you are using the sway edition on x86 PCs, which is a different setup than the ARM one. But even for the ARM one the version matters as we did some rework on the config and theming stuff the last months…

I can’t move this to x86, perhaps sb could do this?

anyway. it think you may not be using our new and shiny override mechanism. here an example how this should work:

  1. cp .config/waybar/config.jsonc.example .config/waybar/config.jsonc
  2. edit .config/waybar/config.jsonc:
    "modules-left": [
  1. super + shift + c

this way you removed the menu icon.

Yeah that’s the issue. I could edit the config file (config.jsonc equivalent?), but saving and pressing super + shift + c returns the config file back to the pre-edit state. This happens, for example, when I try to remove the “custom/menu” line under “modules-left”.

Sorry. Have changed flag to reflect it’s not ARM.

did you update the manjaro-sway/manjaro-sway-settings package? the only explanation I have is that probably your settings package ist very(!) old and still has the generator mechanism.

You’re right! My version of manjaro-sway was somehow bad… I had to pass -Syuu in pacman to downgrade mine to the community version (I usually just do -Syu). This allowed my waybar configs to persist.
Thank you!

that is exactly wrong. you should use the newest one (from the manjaro-sway repo).