Waterfox In Official Repos

Hi community,

I would love to see Waterfox in the official repos.
I hate that installing/upgrading Waterfox through the Aur takes about 1 hour, I have an R5 2600X.
I know that only a few people use Waterfox, but a had to ask about if it was possible.

there are two binary packages for waterfox in the AUR: one for the current branch and one for the classic branch. both get the binary directly from waterfox. you don’t need to spend an hour compiling it.




Based on my engagement over the past (closing in on 4 years) I have previously seen request for Waterfox.

Manjaro uses - mostly - the packages from the Archlinux repo - and only a few packages are picked from AUR - and then only if a maintainer deems the package necessary for some desired functionality on any given edition.

As you cleverly point out Waterfox do not have the necessary userbase and none of the team members has a knack for it - so I don’t think it is going to happen.

But - as you say - one wouldn’t know if one don’t ask.

But you could take a look at the archive - search phrase waterfox

If you issue is privacy then Palemoon is in the community repo.

sudo pacman -Syu palemoon-bin
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Thanks, will try it out.
You learn something new everyday :sweat_smile:

I swear the Firefox spinoffs are like Ubuntu+Theme distros.
(theres more every day … and most of them have no good reason to exist)

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