Waterfox.desktop icon creation returns, "Failed to execute child process"

Hello all, I have decided to begin installing Waterfox from site because the AUR is behind the update curve. The constant update notice became annoying, and after a fresh install, decided to create my own link to attach to my taskbar. I had done this numerous times when I was on Mint, and thought it would be the same, but that is not the case.

I first extracted the tar to /opt, and created the waterfox.desktop with nano in the /usr/share/applications directory. My code in the .desktop file is as follows:

[Desktop Entry]
Categories=Application;Network; X-Developer;

I use both Waterfox-current and classic, but receive errors with both. I received the Failed to execute file "waterfox-classic.desktop. Failed to execute child process “/opt/waterfox-classic/” (Permission denied) with classic, and with Waterfox-current, have received:

Waterfox Ltd. Crash Reporter
had problem and crashed. We’ll try to restore your tabs and windows when it restarts.
Unfortunately the crash reporter is unable to submit a crash report.
Details: The application did not specify a crash reporting server.

Waterfox-classic works as long as I select the exec in the /opt directory, but Waterfox-current refuses to boot. I increased my privileges on the .desktop to see if that would work, but it did nothing. I’m not to keen on increases the privilege on anything, especially when every .desktop icon in the /usr/share/applications/ directory has the same security setting with no error. I tried a build from the AUR, but that failed as well - the browser launches, but each page has a crash error.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a Waterfox issue? I would love to use the appImage, but the developer has no connection to it, which has me concerned about its security. Any help would be great.

I don’t use waterfox, but I noticed, either:
(1) missing the executable after the “/”, or
(2) there’s a unneeded “/” :slight_smile:

In general, don’t create user files in system directories. Just add the .desktop file to $HOME/.local/share/applications/. You can manually create the .desktop file, but you can also right click the Whisker menu in XFCE and select Edit Applications. The “+” sign on the Toolbar adds a new launcher. There is also a “Test” and “Save” button. With your mouse, just hover over the Toolbar and popup help will be displayed.