Watch sensors not showing CPU temp on Ryzen 3000

I’m trying to use watch sensors to monitor my CPU temperature (Ryzen 5 3600) but all that i’m getting is the information for my GPU and NVMe. At the bottom I can see:

Adapter: PCI adapter
Vcore: 1.29 V
Vsoc: 1.09 V
Tctl: +48.6°C

Is that my CPU temp?

I’m on kernel 5.8.7-12-tkg-pds.

The primary temperature reporting sensor of AMD Ryzen processor is a sensor called “T Control,” or tCTL for short. The tCTL sensor may be offset on certain CPU models so that all models on the AM4 Platform have the same maximum tCTL value.

(Tdie would be the actual temperature of the dies, so there could be an offset.)


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