Wasteland 3 Wine/SteamPlay, does it work?

So I discovered that Wasteland 3 has been released and bummer, really bummer that isn’t an Linux Native version…

So looking at ProtonDB, the game has Gold Status but quite a few gamers report a few issues.

Geez wasn’t Wasteland 2 one of the best selling games for Linux at the time?

And your question being…?

Who is playing this game and any issue with it working? And what did you have to do to get running?

Yes, it fully works, wine-staging with vcrun2017 and GitHub - z0z0z/mf-install: Media Foundation workaround for Wine.
Press space on black screen at start.

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Thanks, especially on pressing the spacebar… Never thought of that.

I have been playing for 22 hours. Everything works perfectly for me using Proton-5.9-GE-6-ST, not a single crash, no performance problems and no blackscreen at start. The game itself is a bit buggy, but the bugs I’ve experienced so far are are minor.