Warning in pamac "failed to synchronize database"

I always update my system using pacman on terminal, I only use pamac to check and update flatpaks that I use.
Today when I opened pamac it shows a warning 2 or 3 times saying “failed to synchronize database” but it still shows the packages that need updates! I updated my system today in terminal with sucess but when I remember “well let me check the flatpaks” that warning appeared on pamac!
I did sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu and all went fine but the warning still appears…

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Please post the output of the following using preformatted text:

pamac update

Here the output:

https://aur.manjaro.org/packages-meta-ext-v1.json.gz: Unacceptable TLS certificate
Failed to synchronize AUR database
Nothing to do.
Transaction successfully finished.
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Have patience. After a while it will work again.

So I don’t need to do anything just wait and eventually will work correctly?

Normally yes. I don’t know if it’s overloaded or has connection problems. Every now and then I get the same error and after a while it works without problems.

To avoid those issues with AUR database - disable the check for AUR changes.

I suggest using a script and a user service to do that check instead

Today pamac is fine, thank you for the clarification since it was the first time this happened to me!

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