Warning after pacman upgrade

pacman error i’m getting since latest pacman update

warning: config file /etc/pacman.conf, line 20: directive 'SyncFirst' in section 'options' not recognized.

Besides the very direct text in the error itself …

This means you did not manage your pacnews.

You can further investigate by, ie

man pacman.conf

where you will notice SyncFirst is not listed as a valid option.

So the ‘answer’ is you should remove that option from your /etc/pacman.conf
(and/or additional files in /etc/pacman.conf.d/)

Which would have been apparent from /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew that would have been generated during the package upgrade.

It would have been printed out during the upgrade as well. ex

[ALPM] warning: /etc/pacman.conf installed as /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew

In case an introduction to pacnews is needed …


But why API change happen without changing of the actual version of from pacman’s authors (6.1.0-5 → 6.1.0-6)? The original version was 6.1.0 and stays still.

I wonder why package adoption - only wrapper functionality - changes the original API. What for?
The 6.1.0 API works earlier. Why it should be changed not by original package authors?

By the semver concept the API change could be with increase of the package version of MAJOR or at least MINOR version increase, but we have the same original version 6.1.0 with unexpected API change.

Its more like the manjaro package artificially continued deprecated options.

SyncFirst was removed from Arch’s pacman in 2013

(for that ‘API change’ in version numbers it would be beginning with 4.1)


Indeed. I dropped the old patch, so that harmless warning will be there until the pacnew is addressed.


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