Warframe Stuck on Checking for Updates on Manjaro KDE

I have seen where this is a common issue. Everything else is completely updated. I do have Manjaro Gnome, if that seems to work better. Will it eventually go through?

Hello @shibryan28 again :wink:

Just a sidenote:

No, this issue don’t have to be a problem with the desktop environment (KDE,GNOME). In fact it is Windows Game which runs through a compatibility layer called proton. So if there is an issue, then you have to look at steam and proton.

There is a protondb, where people write reviews and suggest parameters and fixes: https://www.protondb.com/app/230410

Been using Manjaro KDE plasma for a couple of days now. Warframe was the first game I installed. Ran into a issue where it would crash on launch because I had initially installed it on a NTFS drive I had not bothered to reformat, but after solving that it’s been running perfectly. I had no issues with the launcher updating the game tho.

edit: reformatted that drive into btrfs btw.