Wanted to make a download partition on my window drive?

Ya, I need to make a extender partition plus D won’t mount anymore it says, no object for D-Bus interface.
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We dont know what “D” drive is. Or ‘extender’ partition.

If you want to make a partition that both windoze and linux can easily use … you might want to go with exFat.

The mount issue seems to have fixed itself. sorry, I meant extended. I have mistyping issues.

GNU/Linux is a UNIX system. For your own good, you should use it as such, instead of trying to use it like Microsoft Windows. :wink:


I was just trying to make a download partition, not trying to use like windows. I meant no offense if it was taken.

No offense was taken, but we do get a lot of people who are confused by the fact that GNU/Linux doesn’t do “drives”, and who somehow always want to do things The Windows Way™, which of course won’t work. :wink:

I am just use to saying drives, looks like I made Win10 unbootable anyway. It prob., needed s reinstall anyway.