Wanted => Manjaro-arm-tools 2.10.3


have some dev any idea about the Manjaro-arm-tools 2.10.3 ?

I don’t find in the x-86 repo the Manjaro-arm-tools 2.10.3 with the so practice Calamares as new First Time Setup tool for the arm devices, it mean if someone build an image with the Manjaro-arm-tools 2.10.2 Calamares is not present at first boot…

sorry for my insistence, but calamares for arm is a must have, an argument to run Manjaro on arm.

It’s on it’s way:

manjaro-arm-tools extra
Stable: 2.10.2-1
Stable-Staging: 2.10.4-1
Testing: 2.10.4-1
Unstable: 2.10.5-1
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