Want to try other distro. Recommendations?


So. Blowing, completely, my gnome and i3wm installs over Christmas.

I will do an architect xfce install as my main OS but very tempted to go outside arch for a second distro.
I prefer rolling distros but have also done Debian Testing before and liking it.

I am thinking xfce, lxde or maybe lxqt.

Candidates so far are:
Debian testing



Also, this is another “coffee vs. tea” thread.


“wants to have a fling” thread.


I haven’t been following that distro actively, so I don’t know if it is still around, but I heard a lot of people raving about Windows 95 when it was launched :wink:


I have used void linux a few time. It awesome distro. But there some limited package. It not bad if you went with GNU C route. But will be very limited if you go musl route. Your going run into issue if you need to have lets say need nvidia driver over nouveau. same with any other proprietary drivers. search what you need here. https://voidlinux.org/packages/

As for the other. Have not really dive in and gave it a good test. But one that not on your Candidates. But again very limited on packages. Solus. getsol.us/home/
A lot more user friendly compare to void linux. but unlike void. even more limited desktop options. GNOME, MATE, Budgie, KDE, i3, openbox, bspwm are the ones I remember seeing in the repo. Not sure what they have now.

If you have a really powerful cpu. I can say give Funtoo a shot. It is easier to install and understand compare to Gentoo. For one it have a debian-sources kernel install by default. So you don’t need to mess around with kernel hardcore stuff till you feel up to challenge! But you need to know a lot about what package you need to have installed. USE flag can be troublesome!


Funtoo is a little too much work right now, hence sabayon (gentoo based).

I dual boot with windows for games, so proprietary nvidia isn’t neccessary at all.


Because learning.



In which case, Debian Sid+Experimental. It will break a lot, but you will learn a lot.


If you really want to learn. And give you headache for a good willed. I find it harder to used compare to funtoo/gentoo. But it also binary package. since every little thing that need to touch by root. Is going have to be program around it package manager to be done so.
NixOS. Maybe the hardest distro I have tested but stable all at the same time. TBH it to much for me. But it was fun.

For me. The first distro that I learn a lot from. Was one with limited package. But all the main package were there. SalixOS. Slackware base. I had to install a lot of other package by source to get most out of it. But man was that OS rock solid stable when I had used it on my old 32 bit computer. So why not try going with Void if you want to learn. They do have a lot main package but not everything. Like you will find in debian and arch base. And learning how to used runit is not that hard. Different from using OpenRC. Witch is some what closer to using systemd. But runit is way faster compare to openrc by a long mile.
A little review about it not so long ago. https://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20181217#void


Oh, yeah … I remember that. Mine the only ‘reliable’ machine in the house … alot of “I’ll get back to you” … one particularly wonderful moment was movie night … and then everything stuck for a forever moment on Tatooine… no linux converts that day. :sweat_smile:
[little did I know I had messed up the drivers … but they were long gone by the time I figured that out]


Looking at foundational distros like debian and fedora can make sense … but also look at things like puppy for flavor and perspective.


Give Solus a whirl.

Or if you want to experience Linux through Red Hat googles then try Fedora.


Solus, oS Tumbleweed, Sabayon - in my opinion, good distros to learn different approaches.


Then Gentoo or slackware that is where you learn Linux, Debian you only learn Debian The same goes for every binary distro out their you learn nothing, or you can go the whole hug download the books linux from scratch and beyond Linux from scratch, then build Linux as it should be lib by lib, dep by dep, that is the correct way to learn Linux.


You’re running Arch or Manjaro?


Wow, does that still exist?
I was a Kanotix+Sidux user in the past… Debian Sid would be my choice if Arch didn’t exist.

It is one of hundreds of ways to learn Linux, and the most cumbersome, difficult and time-consuming one.

Sorry, but that’s not true.
You can be a Linux pro without ever having touched Gentoo or LFS.



Take a base distro and stick with it, for a learning process .


Agreed. One of my 3 boot options.

Bumblebee there’s in their Wiki, and easy to install. You just need to search, since the menu is, well… Underdeveloped. But the forum is dead, and seems they don’t care. Submitting packages to Void repo is a hell, but may teach you a lot. I’m kinda proud I managed to submit one of my packages. :smiley:


Can you specify each and every app in a arch install no. you can in Gentoo/ you are talking chalk and cheese be a Linux pro geek is not about installing something ready made, its about downloading a Kernel, or a lib and building a system around it and that is what LFS is about does, you start with nothing and learn Linux on the way. Arch linux and the rest dictate what you will use you have no say.
God most on this forum can’t even use the command line to make a partition let alone say they know anything about how Linux works.


Neither is it about compiling stuff from source.
That said, I did use Gentoo in the past.