Want to move Steamlibrary from HDD to my SSD

I have a Steamlibrary of around 28 GB on my HDD, and I am thinking of moving it to my 256GB SSD ( which only has Manjaro )

  1. Is the response time of game opening going to be better? ( I hope so )
  2. How do I move the whole 27GB to SSD- I mean will it work? I am trying to avoid downloading the whole thing.

Quite possibly. Just always keep in mind, faster does not necessarily mean instant.

Not this.

There are probably a couple of ways, and it all depends on you. But basically it would require mounting of the drive you’re copying to, copying the whole directory and then either creating a symbolic link to the new location, or creating a bind mount for it. So, yes, it is indeed possible. See:

This might help:

Hope this helps!

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That’s quite noticeable, yes.

Once you have set up your SSD, you can create a new storage location, set it as default, and move the whole library to it, from the Steam client’s Storage Manager:

  • Steam > Settings > Downloads > STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS

I don’t use Steam enough to know this, but it is a better option.

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