Want to install just xsane, looks like complete update will happen?

Hello, I am waiting on the current stable update as I have some critical work to do and don’t want to risk anything. I wanted to install xsane from the repositories (around 5 MB) but when I prepare to install it looks like the system is going to update everything (749.1MB). Can I install just xsane using add/remove software? Am I seeing correctly, is some kind of complete update loaded? There is a long list of upgrades not shown in the screen shot, typical of what you’d see in a normal update.

In a terminal.

sudo pacman -S xsane

ah! Success, good ol’ xsane, there it is, thanks! yes, of course… I was too flustered last night by seeing that I assume complete update that I didn’t think of the terminal option, which I am not fluent in.

Today I thought of looking at preferences for the add/remove app. I see in the advanced section that “do not check for updates when installing” is turned off by default. Meaning I guess that was indeed a complete update I was seeing. Seems like a good way for a noob to get into trouble if they were avoiding doing a complete update and didn’t notice what was happening. I’ll have to look at those preferences more at a later time. thanks again!

While possible, it’s not recommended at all. That’s why the setting was disabled.

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