Wallpaper is disabled when installed a custom theme

Background: I have installed custom Theme Dracula on Gnome 45.1 (Manjaro),

System Details:
Kernel Linux 6.5.13-1-MANJARO, Gnome - 45.1

  1. Everything is looking great except the gnome settings and nautilus did not apply the theme. So, copying the themes gtk-4.0 folder to ~/.config/gtk-4.0 fixed the problem

  2. But on every restart, the gnome settings and nautilus reset instead of Dracula theme, with the ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css has the following content.

@define-color accent_color #55dfc4;
@define-color accent_bg_color #16a085;

and after copying the theme contents again, it works.

Note: The system displays the appropriate wall paper, gnome setting and nautilus reflects the Dracula Theme. No issues at all, until I restart the system.

In the above thread, it points out that the issue is the Gnome Extensions Custom Accent Color that overwrites the gtk.css file every time ( it applies to my situation as well )
but when I copy the themes’ gtk.css to /home/{username}/.config/gtk-4.0 and disabled the extension Custom Accent Color. After the restart of the system, I get the below issue.


  • It disables the Wallpaper and displays the background color #282a36 of Dracula Theme along with Desktop icons ( when I press “Super” key, I can see the wall paper in overview ) On changing the wall paper, it still shows the background color of theme and not the wall paper.

Note: gnome settings and Nautilus now has the theme applied.

Any suggestions to fix the issue please ?

The Issue is observed only in the Point 1 (which I am interested to know the Solution, as I tend to use the Desktop Icons)


  1. Wall Paper is disabled only, when the Desktop Icons are enabled from the Layout Switcher and I could observe a full blown right click context menu on the desktop ( roughly 10 line items ).


  1. When the icons are disabled (again from Layout Switcher), the Wall paper is not disabled. Also, the right click context menu has only 3 entries.

Right Click_after

These right click context menu could be a norm. Just wanted to mention, something I have noticed.

Hi @nulinuxbee,

While I don’t use the Gnome edition, this does sound like trying to keep settings persistent in a Live Environment, which won’t work, by the way. Or perhaps the wallpaper setting are being stored in/on a volatile file system. Or your home directory is on a read-only mounted partition, so it’s not persistent…

Please prrovide the output of:

lsblk -f



I’ll just drop this here for consideration;

Gnome 45 no longer supports previous addons, widgets, extensions or themes that are not specifically created for Gnome 45+. This includes GTK3 themes and the majority of GTK4 themes made prior to Gnome 45.

If an incompatible theme includes a reference to wallpaper, that will possibly (likely) also cause additional complication. It’s recommended to completely remove all traces of incompatible Gnome themes and replace them with something that is compatible.

All themes currently in the official Manjaro repositories are compatible with Gnome 45+.

I hope this helps, to some extent. Cheers.

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Hi @soundofthunder @Mirdarthos ,
Thank you for the response, I will try to create a bug in the github page of dracula theme.

@soundofthunder, Meanwhile I will remove the theme and install it from AUR repositories. Hopefully that works.

I felt, it could have been something like disable some extension because, 99% theme got it right, except the wallpaper.

Thank you so much!

The AUR is not an official Manjaro repository. In fact, it’s generally unsupported; Manjaro only allows it as a convenience.

While it’s possible a theme from the AUR may be compatible with Gnome 45+ it’s more likely that it won’t be. Installing a theme from the official repositories is the better choice. Cheers.