Wallpaper goes blank after restart

After downloading it, did you select that copy as the wallpaper you want? It is possible that it’s still looking for the wallpaper on the other drive.

Yeah I did, also after some messing around I noticed that this happens with the default wallpapers too.

If there isn’t any immediate solution is there a bash script that applies a certain image as my wallpaper that I can run on startup?

I’m afraid that’s above my pay grade. :frowning: I’m going to have to ask someone else to look into that. :man_shrugging:

I’ve now invited two theme/wallpaper developers to look into it. :crossed_fingers:

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thanks I appreciate it!

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I absolutely have the same problem – we/I have tried starting and restarting plasma shell and changing containment entries in .config to no avail. It’s like on start up my computer simply won’t load the wallpaper and I have to right click to select one everytime… Anyways, giving support that this is not just you, and also to follow so I can see a solution if one arises.

I’m on KDE Plasma.

did you find any solution? I just installed manjaro and having same problem

I’m having the same problem and can’t find solutions. Thinking about opening and found this one but couldn’t find the solution.

Hey guys! I got the same problem too!!!

Does anyone have the solution to this problem now?

Me too, although the black wallpaper only started after the last update to Plasma 5.20.2. Prior to that it never happened. I have found that by restarting the system two or three times after major updates it seems to help with some problems like this. Restarting currently the wallpaper is working as expected.

My desktop settings are:
Layout: Folder View
Wallpaper Type: Picture of the Day
Provider: National Geographic

This is my desktop after the restart


the background image is a black screen, and also the layout is on the folder view mode (I changed to Desktop mode, somehow it doesn’t save my settings correctly).

Someone help me~

I can still reproduce this

Manjaro 20.2 Nibia
KDE 5.76.0 / Plasma 5.20.3
Kernel 5.4.77-1

(NVidia card and drivers)

I think its a problem with NVIDIA, I switched to AMD and switched back to manjaro and I have not had this issue yet.

I’m using nvidia bumblebee.

My wallpapers are in the HDD and I’ve a Manjaro KDE on a dual booted SSD. My wallpaper’s going black for the past couple days, please help me out

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Make sure that your HDD is mounted at boot time by including a line for it in your /etc/fstab ─ search the forum or the Wiki on how to do that, as it has been discussed many times already ─ or copy the wallpapers to your $HOME and tell Plasma to load them from there.


Thanks for responding mate, will check up on this! :slight_smile:

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