Wallpaper goes blank after restart

Over the last couple installations of manjaro when I set a custom wallpaper it applies but when I restart it just gets set to a black wallpaper.

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Does the wallpaper by any chance reside on a Windows filesystem?

Hey thanks for responding, no it doesn’t. It is on a separate drive though. I’ll try moving it to my main drive.

Yes, the problem is most likely that this drive doesn’t get mounted automatically at boot time. :wink:

Ok I installed it from gnome store which puts it straight into the wallpaper folder on my main drive and it still happens.

After downloading it, did you select that copy as the wallpaper you want? It is possible that it’s still looking for the wallpaper on the other drive.

Yeah I did, also after some messing around I noticed that this happens with the default wallpapers too.

If there isn’t any immediate solution is there a bash script that applies a certain image as my wallpaper that I can run on startup?

I’m afraid that’s above my pay grade. :frowning: I’m going to have to ask someone else to look into that. :man_shrugging:

I’ve now invited two theme/wallpaper developers to look into it. :crossed_fingers:

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thanks I appreciate it!

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I absolutely have the same problem – we/I have tried starting and restarting plasma shell and changing containment entries in .config to no avail. It’s like on start up my computer simply won’t load the wallpaper and I have to right click to select one everytime… Anyways, giving support that this is not just you, and also to follow so I can see a solution if one arises.

I’m on KDE Plasma.

did you find any solution? I just installed manjaro and having same problem

I’m having the same problem and can’t find solutions. Thinking about opening and found this one but couldn’t find the solution.