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Hello, Lunix! I’ am user of Kde and sometimes, I use tour wallpaper during a short time because each time when I open my PC a new, the wallpaper of you to take choice is not available, replace by the wallpaper of origin on Kde. What?

Hi @Guytoo, I’m not sure I’m following you but I’ll give it a try. The wallpaper of your choice disappears after a reboot and the original is shown on your desktop? And this is not the wallpaper of your choice. Am I correct?

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Yes, is true and I lost your wallpaper and I do not know why!

I don’t know anything about your system but could it be that your wallpaper is stored on a drive that isn’t mounted automatically? In that case your system won’t find it when starting. So you have to manually select it every time. Don’t know if this is the case, but if it is, you can save the wallpaper in your HOME partition. Or you can mount the drive automatically when booting your linux.

(That said, it could be another problem. )

Variety is an automatic wallpaper changer, downloader and manager.

Ah, Ok. Thanks, Lunix.

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Who find Variety, please.

I find it from octopi.You can install via pacman # pcaman -S variety

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I dot know this, thank you, Joeboris.

sudo pacman -S variety


Is also available on Pamac with the Manjaro Openbox Edition.

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